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Happy World Water day!

Did you know that every $1 invested in water and sanitation provides a $4 economic return? Or that the time spent gathering water around the world translates to $24 billion in lost economic benefits each year?

Think about all of the industries that require safe water to run properly. Imagine not being able to keep a job because you are forced to walk miles each day just to collect water for your family. Consider what it would be like to have to budget a large portion of your salary just to be able to afford safe water.

These are just a few of the harsh economic realities for those living without easy access to safe water. People often associate clean water with improved health, while forgetting the significant impact that a lack of safe water can have on the economy and employment.

That is why we are so thrilled to join in this year’s celebration of World Water Day and shed some light on the impact that improved access to clean water and health & hygiene can have on millions of lives and livelihoods.

In the words of the United Nations: “Better Water, Better Jobs”watch full Wonder Woman movie online

We are proud to support this effort to provide clean water and sustainable employment opportunities. By giving #25for25 ($25 a month) you have the opportunity to give 25 people clean water and better employment opportunities.

At Healing Waters we consider employing local community members one of the most important elements of our model. When a community receives a purification system they also receive training in system maintenance as well as business development. Often, they are also able to employ individuals to deliver water and train the local community in Health & Hygiene. In certain communities, a water store can employ up to 10 individuals!

The impact of having safe water is exponential. When women are no longer forced to walk miles to collect water, they are able to pursue employment. When communities are no longer sick, they have a viable workforce able to seek and maintain employment. Students are able to attend school to learn how to become doctors, teachers, lawyers and engineers. Community members are able to start water-reliant businesses. Families save money because they are spending less per jug.

Will you give today to provide better water and better jobs for 25 people?

We’re on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world, empowering people not just to survive, but to thrive – physically, socially and spiritually.

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