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Healing Waters International Christmas Gift Catalog 2022

Healing Waters International Gift Catalog

When I shop at Christmas, I sometimes catch myself walking to the register with stuff and thinking “that paper shredder isn’t really what she wants or needs!” But for me to identify a special gift that’s really going to be appreciated requires a bit more of my time and consideration of the person I’m gifting to; but when I get it right, it’s a 2-way blessing.

It’s my prayer that this Christmas gift catalogue is helpful in leading you to a choose a gift that’s a 2-way blessing between you and the child, family, mom, or dad whose life-experience will be transformed through receiving the gift of safe water to drink and health and hygiene access they didn’t have before. Thank you for praying and for giving from your heart the gifts that will bring health and life, both physically and spiritually, to those who have the simple but urgent need of safe water.

Thank you for spreading the good news of great joy which is for all people!

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