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Our Team


John Correa

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Nawrocki

Director of Partner Impact

Walter Nonemaker

Director of W.A.S.H. Operations
Learn about Linda's water resolution

Linda McCollester

HQ Accountant & Administrator

Hana Lokey

Senior Program Manager
Dr. Robin Waterman

Dr. Robin (Robina) Waterman

Director of Grants and Education Impact
Heidi Cortez Headshot

Heidi Cortez

Partner Impact Associate

Paul Garner

Partner Impact Advisor

Amy Lane

Supply Chain Manager

Dr. Jacob Johnston

R&D and Project Engineer

In the Field

Sebastian Ovando

Regional Director, Americas

Isaura Ovando Ocaña

Educational Programs Supervisor - Mexico

Kathya Reyes de la Rosa

Health & Hygiene Trainer - Mexico

Lili Chacón

Administration & Accounting - Mexico

Miguel Angel Perez

Coordinator of Design & Installation of Water Systems - Mexico

Wilberth I. Valdivieso Cruz

Project Manager - Mexico

Miguel Angel Alvarez

Operations Manager - Guatemala

Leticia Sarat de Acajabón

International Controller - Guatemala

Catherine Godinez

Health & Hygiene Coordinator - Guatemala

Danilo Velasquez

Head of Infrastructure - Guatemala

William Villatoro

Project Coordinator - Guatemala

Kelenme Chiroy

Administrative WASH Coordinator - Guatemala

Marvin Antonio A. Oseida

Coordinator and Installer of Purification Systems - Guatemala

Alejandro Cacao

Inventory and Admin Support - Guatemala

Arnold Castillo

Country Director - Honduras

Yenifer Scarleth Hernández Aguilar

Coordinator of Educational and Administrative Programs - Honduras

Wesly C. Hippolyte

Country Director - Haiti

Gary Yvelt Jean Philippe

Water System Installation & Maintenance Technician - Haiti

James Charles Séjourné

Trainer & Project Coordinator - Haiti

Joseph Remy Janvier

Inventory & Technical Support - Haiti

Bensley Joseph

Health & Hygiene Trainer - Haiti

Dr. Nephthalie Jacot

Health & Hygiene Trainer - Haiti

Raphael Paul

Logistics Support Assistant - Haiti

Robenson Felizaire

Training and Operations Support - Haiti

Board of Directors

Kirk Elliott, Chairman

CIO/Owner, MMS Inc. (Retired)

Mark Wentzien

President, Strong Refuge

Rob Anthony

Chief Executive Officer, Healing Waters 

Ken Timboe, Treasurer

Bank Examiner, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Danielle Patridge

H.E.L.P. Coordinator – USA at Asian Hope 

Brian Ellis

Senior Vice President & General Manager – Cardinal Health, Inc.

Dan McGrath

President Technology Management, Inc.

Dwayne Cooper

Global Account Manager, Parametric Technology Corp.

Zekarias Asfaw

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries