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Why Healing Waters Uses Community-Wide Filtration Systems

HWI’s safe water systems are not just community water treatment facilities but a collective effort towards safe water service. They are owned and operated by the community, contrasting household filters or treatments managed at the household level. While there are contexts where household filters may be the most appropriate and sustainable solution, centralized systems have many benefits, especially for the locations and types of water present where HWI works.

solar panels installed on the roof of a shack in an informal settlement, solar power panels in developing countries

The Use of Solar Power in Developing Countries

Energy Challenges in Developing Countries At best, the current state of energy sources in developing countries is unreliable. At worst, they do not exist at all. Without energy, communities fall behind in producing clean water, food, and manufacturing- all things essential for a healthy life. Unfortunately, that is what many countries in the world today…

Benefits of Solar Cells in Developing Countries  

Developing nations across the globe deal with water scarcity at an alarming level. In these densely populated and underfunded areas, water scarcity and inadequate sanitary infrastructure pose a challenge in meeting all residents’ demand for clean water. At Healing Waters International, we do our part to help these countries by taking on the challenge of…

Haitian Christmas Traditions   

Christmas Eve Christmas in Haiti is such a lively time, the lights often stay on until the early hours of Christmas Day. Children receive special permission from their parents to go out in the middle of the night to take part in Christmas Eve festivities. Older children look after the young ones, watching performances in public areas,…