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Last week, you met the Hodge podge 3rd grade class that brought clean water to 8 people through their donation to Healing Waters! Read the first blog post here.

We asked them a few more questions about what they learned during their study on the Global Water Crisis and here are a few more answers:

Q: What do you think would be the hardest part about growing up in a community that lacks access to clean water?

A: The students answered this individually:

To learn, because if you’re getting sick all the time from dirty water you cannot go to school to learn.  -Haddon

Not to drink the dirty water.  You are thirsty and need to drink to get energy, you have no choice. -Nolan

To keep a job.  It’s hard to work when you’re sick from water. -Samiracle

To grow crops with dirty water. The fruits and vegetable wouldn’t grow well with dirty water.  Then people don’t have as much to eat. -Sage

It would be hard to live a healthy life with dirty water. -Ben

I would think it’s not fair knowing some people have clean water and I don’t. -Remi

Holding and lifting heavy containers with water. -JW, Logan

Trying to keep up with your job of learning.  You get behind with your learning and have a hard time keeping up with the class. -AJ

I would know it’s dirty water and not want to drink it.  But if I got really thirsty I would drink it knowing it could make me sick. -Alexis

Having dirty water affects everything. -Conner

You’d be forced to drink dirty water, because you have no other choice. -Caroline

 Q: Why is education important to you?

 A: We know that education is going to prepare us for life.  We want good jobs, and some of us want to be able to have a family.  We need to learn now so we can be smart.  Others will see what we’re good at and hire us to work for them.  -The Class

Q: As kids in America, what do you think is the biggest thing you take for granted?

 A: We used to take clean water for granted, but not anymore.  Things we do take for granted are:

*   Paper -Sage

*   Healthy teeth, doctors, medicine -Sevion

*   Clothes -Samiracle

*   Food -Micah

*   Technology, Food-Alexis

*   Electricity, Good education, Good Friends, my home -Caroline

*   TV, my stuffed animals, my pets -Remi

*   Food and Friends -Olivia

*   Being able to eat three times a day, and sometimes a snack. -Nolan

*   Car to travel, shoes -Haddon

*   An education, toys -Logan

*   My house -Alex

*   Phone to talk with people, backpack -Ben

*   Computers, my coat – JW

*   Family – Conner

*   My pet dog, house, my treehouse, teachers -AJ

*   My healthy body – Kyree

*   Presidents and our government – Teddy

Check back next week for the final blog post on these incredible 9 year olds!

We’re on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world, empowering people not just to survive, but to thrive – physically, socially and spiritually.

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