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When the new Sustainable Development Goals were launched in January, all of us at Healing Waters were pretty excited by the inclusion of #6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” Recently, the United Nations held their inaugural meeting to monitor progress. We’re excited to share this article with you on why it is so important to act quickly to make these goals a reality, or risk leaving people behind.

“In New York this week, in a moment sadly lacking the fanfare of their signing, comes the first test of the sustainable development goals (SDGs): the inaugural meeting of their monitoring process.

The High Level Political Forum takes place under the banner “ensuring that no one is left behind”. It’s highly encouraging that UN member states have agreed that focusing on the poorest is the most immediate priority, and countries will report on how they are responding to this new agenda.

New research quantifies how urgent this is. Using current progress on key indicators, it shows just how much harder it will be to reach some of the most relevant goals and targets if action is delayed.”

To read the full article from The Guardian click here.

Photo Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP

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