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Flattening the curve together.

The world is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis—COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. The greatest weapons we have to combat its spread is safe water and health & hygiene – especially handwashing. Access to safe water gives families a fighting chance to stay healthier and stop the spread of infection during this pandemic.  

Handwashing, when properly done, is also very effective against viruses. And access to health & hygiene training helps equip those living in the most vulnerable communities to stop the the spread of the virus. Our teams are finding innovative ways to digitally provide the training through WhatsApp to reach more families & communities during this crisis.

How We Are Responding


Filtration systems create safe, available water for communities.


Families learn how to practice safe hygiene practices.


Handwashing stops the spread of dangerous viruses.


Educating impoverished communities on health protects them.

Continuing The Mission of Healing Waters International
In The Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

We want to share more about the impact of COVID-19, where we’re at as an organization, and the unique ways we’re responding. Panelists included CEO Rob Anthony, Director of Field Operations & Lead Engineer Walter Nonemaker, and Director of Health & Hygiene Programming Kendra Jarrell. Director of Development Mark Nawrocki facilitated.

A Letter from CEO Rob Anthony

Healing Waters International CEO Rob Anthony shares HWI’s response. Read the letter


Our teams are teaching proper handwashing.

A splash of water does nothing to fight against dangerous illnesses. Proper handwashing techniques, however, can stop the spread of the coronavirus.

We have always included handwashing in our health and hygiene training. It’s especially important to be sure that children and other vulnerable members of the community are protected from viruses. That means the whole family and community need to practice good health and hygiene.

Download our handwashing one-sheet

Implement safe water solutions

Giving communities access to safe water

Water purification systems means safe water for drinking, for cleaning, and good health & hygiene practices. 

Healing Waters ensures the whole community has access to safe water when a system is installed. This means that families can carry out the training they received without walking miles for water, or endangering themselves with dangerous water. 

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Your partnership makes this possible.