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Arnold Castillo

Country Director - Honduras

Arnold Castillo holds an academic background in Civil Engineering from the Catholic University of Honduras in San Pedro Sula. He is a dedicated professional with a strong career in the water and sanitation sector (WASH), backed by 7 years of experience as a WASH Program Manager. He is committed to sustainable development and improving the living conditions of communities.

Throughout his career, he has gained essential knowledge in the installation of solar pumping projects and developed a deep understanding of the policies of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). These assets have strengthened his ability to lead and manage WASH projects effectively, ensuring their alignment with development standards and objectives.

His focus revolves around contributing to sustainable development and enhancing the living conditions of communities. For him, community empowerment is a fundamental pillar for the long-term success of our interventions. Sustainability is one of his primary concerns, recognizing it as essential for the long-term viability of our actions in the WASH sector. As the Country Director, his efforts are centered on designing programs and projects that endure over time, providing continuous benefits to the communities we serve.