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What Is Healing Waters International Solar Pure Solution?

At Healing Waters, our mission is to provide clean water for all but to do that, we need to first focus our efforts on our solutions. Now that we have our Solar Pure water pump treatment solution, we want to waste no time delivering safe, filtered water to residents of communities all around the world. Luckily, the Solar Pure solution is one of our most adaptable units, quickly able to produce mass amounts of clean water while remaining affordable and compact. This unit is also very cost-effective, depending on the operating model and production rate, but it typically runs for $0.005/liter of water.

Just like our Gravity Pure solution, Healing Water’s Solar Pure model can operate in developing countries with an unreliable connection to electricity. This makes it a great choice in small communities or refugee camps of all climates. Solar Pure’s pump runs even when power levels are at 200 watts, meaning a cloudy day won’t stop the production of clean water. 

How it Works

Solar water pumps are powered by solar panels, typically placed on rooftops. The whole system can be operated on the ground from a single location located on the front panel. An operator can control the flow of water using a handle found in the center of the unit. The filters must also be cleaned multiple times a day by using a hand pump to run clean water back through the membranes. Essentially, solar-powered water pumps work by converting the sun’s rays (photons) to electricity that will operate the water pump. It uses solar panels to collect the photons (units of light) from sunlight, producing the direct current (DC) that provides the energy for the motor to pump water out from its source. An inverter is used if the pump motor needs alternating current (AC) rather than DC.

The Solar Pure solution follows a five-step filtration process. The final product is often higher quality than most city tap water, and can even taste better than top bottled water brands.

  • Pre-Filtration – Water is first screened through a stainless steel screen
  • Ultrafiltration – Water then passes through additional filters to remove all bacteria, viruses, and other causes of waterborne illnesses
  • Activated Carbon – Reduces foul tastes and odors from water without using reverse osmosis
  • Polishing Filter – Removes any carbon particles from the carbon filter from the previous step, acts as a final safety check before ready to bottle for consumption
  • Chloramine – Injects a mixture of chlorine and ammonia to preserve the water, but avoids giving it a chlorine taste.

Benefits of a Solar-Powered Water Pump Filtration System

Higher Capacity: No need for an additional storage tank, making the Solar Pure system more compact and more affordable with less infrastructure maintenance costs. It also has an integrated bottle re-filling station to quickly sanitize and fill batches of large (20 liter) or small (1-2 liter) bottles. It also offers the use of a large carbon filter for taste and odor polishing without the use of reverse osmosis.

Rechargeable Batteries: When power conditions are exceptionally low, the Solar Pure system comes with a backup rechargeable battery, so there is never an interruption in water production. However, it is designed for power supplies that are unreliable, variable voltage, or low-voltage

Speed: From day one, a solar powered water pump works efficiently to begin delivering water community-wide. It can produce up to 20,000 liters per 12 hour day using any power supply (solar, wind, battery, generator, etc.)

Limitation of a Solar Powered Water Pump Filtration System

Manually Operated: The system is not fully automated, so it will take some trained operators to diagnose issues that occur. Luckily, Healing Waters spends time in each community to train up a dedicated team of locals on how to safely implement clean water.

Production Rate: The filtered water rate amounts vary on available power input. Solar Pure can be combined with other power sources, if available, but otherwise relies on varying weather conditions.

Healing Waters International Needs Your Help

At Healing Waters International, we provide water improvement technologies that are individually tailored to the communities that need them. These technologies include:

When we provide our water technology systems, we work with the whole community. We train local leaders in the business skills necessary to own and operate the systems profitably, and we train community members in health and hygiene skills that they can teach others.

Please help us continue to provide solutions to the water scarcity crisis. We rely on donations from people like you to bring clean water to communities that need it.

We’re on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world, empowering people not just to survive, but to thrive – physically, socially and spiritually.

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