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What is Healing Waters International Gravity Pure Solution?

Sometimes the most powerful clean water solutions come from the simplest of designs. Healing Waters International works with developing communities all over the world, so we need an affordable water treatment solution that can move with us and adapt to the unique needs of the many communities we serve. We have previously implemented our Power Pure water treatment solution, an electricity-dependent system that uses an ultrafiltration process. While this remains a successful solution for many areas, we found it doesn’t accommodate the needs of more remote communities without proper access to an electric power source.

With our Gravity Pure Solution, we eliminate these obstacles by creating a system that is mobile, modular, easy to set up and maintain, and nondependent on electricity. Here are just some of the features of our gravity pure water treatment solution.

  • Meant to Move – Weighing no more than 200 pounds in total, the entire Gravity Pure system can be stored within three or four travel-sized duffel bags and can be checked as luggage for airline travel. No fancy or expensive transportation is necessary.
  • Quick Assembly – From start to finish, you should only need about four hours to completely put together the Gravity Pure System so we can start providing clean water from day one.
  • Adjustable Design – Our system is built for flexibility. Whether the community needs 200 or 10,000 gallons, each system can be fitted with one to four membranes, depending on how much water is needed.
  • Quality and Sustainability – We care about the durability and environmentally friendly nature of our solutions. Each system is created using locally sourced, high-quality components meant to last, meaning no replacement filters are necessary.
  • No Power Source Required – Many communities don’t have reliable access to electricity. Our systems only depend on a water source five feet above the unit to operate soundly.
  • Clean Water – Most importantly of all, the Gravity Pure system leaves water free of 99.9% of contaminants no matter how polluted the water source.

How It Works

Ultrafiltration is used with all of our solutions. The ultrafiltration process is responsible for removing contaminants from the water. Ultrafiltration is considered to be a more accessible and simpler process than reverse osmosis, which requires more sophisticated technology, but still delivers the same safe results. We at Healing Waters prefer to use ultrafiltration since it leaves less room for operator error. We pride ourselves on spending time with our communities to train a few chosen locals to properly operate our systems.

As the name suggests, water is guided from its source using gravity to reach the filter. Many times our staff won’t know the amount of pressure or flow rate you will need in any given area, so the Gravity Pure system was designed to be adaptable. Depending on the water pressure and the number of people, you can adjust the number of filters used to adequately supply enough water to everyone as needed. The water pressure is often affected by where you place the tank in relation to the system. We also designed a tank to be implemented in any community of over 100 people to store additional clean water until it is ready to be used.

Benefits of Gravity Water Filtration Systems in Developing Countries


With gravity water systems, you have flexibility with how to configure the system in a matter that works best for the community. Like we mentioned above, you can easily change the number of filters according to the water pressure. The tank position can be configured in a couple different ways, and gravity water systems let you determine the best position. Whether it’s on a hill, on top of a building, or from a tap, these sources will all feed into the Gravity Pure system.

Similarly, when electricity is not reliable, Healing Waters offers Solar Pure water filtration systems that can rely on multiple power sources from either the sun, wind, generators, or manual powered systems.


Overall, gravity fed water systems have inexpensive operating costs. Although costs vary, you can expect around $0.005 cents per liter of water. A small price to pay for such a life-saving device.


Time is essential when it comes to everyday spent without clean drinking water. Since our gravity water system is so portable, we can take it directly on the plane with us. This avoids the hassle of having to go through customs or await transportation through other means. Without the additional headaches that can stall our projects for long periods of time, we can get started at the arrival of our destination.

The Next Concept Discovered

Alarmingly, nearly half the world’s population is without safely managed water sanitation services. That’s why Healing Waters is constantly collaborating to seek out the newest and best technology available to make these services accessible to all. We’ve adapted our solutions to fit any situation. When time and portability is essential, the Gravity Pure system is always our go to. We believe it is one of our best one-size-fits-all concepts, and we love your help so we can continually improve.

Healing Waters International is on a mission to provide clean water for all using innovative and affordable water treatments. Beyond that, we provide hygiene and safety training that transforms the lives of those living in developing communities so we can eliminate unnecessary deaths from waterborne illnesses.

Will you work with us on our mission to help people not only survive but thrive physically, socially, and spiritually? We need you! Although we strive to keep our solutions affordable, it’s your contributions that help us to bring more of our water treatment systems to communities in need. Please donate today! Feel free to reach out to any of our staff members with more questions on our Gravity Pure, Power Pure, or Solar Pure solutions.

We’re on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world, empowering people not just to survive, but to thrive – physically, socially and spiritually.

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