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Safe Water Solutions

At Healing Waters, we provide custom-engineered safe water solutions for the underserved and marginalized in God’s name. Unsafe water is dangerous to families and their community. And we know that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are not the answer.

That is why we custom design and engineer our safe water water systems for each site. Our designs incorporate ease of use, quality construction, low maintenance, and reliability. The technology itself ensures not just safe water, but water conservation as well. We’re able to provide water to every community for pennies per gallon.

$25 provides safe drinking water for a month plus health & hygiene education for 10 people

$35 provides PET water jugs and dispensers for 5 families to drink more hygienically

$50 training for one new Safe Water Equipment Operator

$100 provides maintenance on a community water system for 6 months

$300 conduct training for a group of Safe Water Equipment Operators

$1,500 share in the cost to construct a water kiosk building

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