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Health & Hygiene Education

The CDC reports that if everyone routinely just washed their hands with soap and water, a million deaths a year could be prevented. That is why we focus on teaching women and children about health and hygiene. Children are forming habits that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. And women tend to be the keepers and influencers of the health and hygiene of the family and home.

A sampling of our curriculum topics include: Water is Life or Death, How Germs Make Us Sick, Wash Your Hands, Healthy Body On The Outside, Nutrition for The Family, and much more. The goal is to teach healthy habits that can prevent illness and save lives. 

Our practical and adaptable education program has been taught in many countries and in dozens of contexts: inner-cities, rural villages, schools, churches, emergency shelters, health clinics, children’s homes, town-hall meetings, tutoring programs, drug rehab centers, child sponsorship programs, and neighborhood patios.

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