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A woman walks through a village carrying water atop her head, she is carrying on through the Zambia Water Crisis

Zambia’s Water Crisis: Climate change, education gaps, and economic challenges. Healing Waters and Jibu partnership seeks life-changing solutions.

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A child's hand can be seen filling a portable water jug in the Sierra Leone Water Crisis

Sierra Leone’s water crisis impacts health, environment, and agriculture, seeking solutions through customized water filtration.

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2 Kenyan girls pump water from a spicket, while one girl collects the water in a bucket, she is taking a drink - they are suffering from the clean water crisis in kenya

Kenya faces a severe water pollution crisis, driven by factors like contamination, lack of sanitation, government shortcomings, and business activities.

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Children using a water spout to wash their hands, they are coping with the mexico water shortage

Mexico’s water crisis, fueled by extreme drought, leaves two-thirds of municipalities parched, posing threats to sanitation, environment, and businesses.

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Somalian woman walks home with a portable water jug resting on her back after trekking through the desert to get water in the Somalia Water Crisis

Somalia’s Water Crisis: A dire situation with drought, contamination, and education needs, as we work to provide clean water solutions.

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water and sanitation

Water is one of our most basic needs for survival. When people don’t have access to clean and safe water, they have to use whatever water they can find, even if it’s contaminated, for drinking, washing, and growing food. The result is disease and poverty. How Do You Determine Water and Sanitation Safety? The CDC measures…

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world water day

What is World Water Day? Why is World Water Day important? Why do we celebrate World Water Day? Founded by the United Nations in 1993, National World Water Day focuses on the global importance of freshwater in today’s world.  With ever-decreasing global access to freshwater, World Water Day works to raise awareness of our critical need…

funding for water projects in developing countries

Every Non-Governmental Organization (“NGO”) has a purpose. NGOs strive to make the world a better place, whether it is to save animals, provide clean energy, spread the gospel, or, like us here at Healing Waters International, end the global water crisis. However, NGOs often get stumped on locating funding for their projects despite all these beneficial…

safe water for all

Imagine a world where every single person had access to a basic human right – access to safe water. The Healing Waters Ministry is on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world. We provide the safe water vitally necessary…