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Pray for Haiti

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Haiti

Please pray for the children and families in Haiti impacted by today’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Our Haiti field office is monitoring and making assessments.

Healing Waters has many safe water sites in the southern peninsula of Haiti where the epicenter is located. Our Haiti country director is initially reporting that there are many destroyed or flattened buildings, and churches with casualties and injuries in that region.

If you’d like to help, please donate to HWI’s Rapid Response Fund which means that relief will make it to the families faster—when they need it most. Safe water is critical when disasters strike.

Really big things can happen

when clean water reaches a community that has never had access to it. New jobs are created, young women can stay in school, and children are healthy. Everyone thrives! We work with the local community to set up sustainable clean water and health and hygiene programs. When our purification systems are installed, the locals have complete ownership. We aren’t serving weak, helpless people, we are working alongside strong, intelligent brothers and sisters. You see, we don’t give free aid, we give the tools and resources needed to empower a community: body, mind and soul. Clean water changes bodies. Education changes minds. Living Water changes souls.

This isn’t charity. It’s our privilege to serve others.


Protecting the vulnerable through safe water.


Handwashing & more to protect the vulnerable

Water to thrive.

For the millions who need it. Help us reach 1,000 communities and 1,000,000 people.
Yes, together it is possible! Join the clean water initiative with us today!