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Who We Are

As participants in God’s Mission of restoring humanity to wholeness, we work to end the human suffering caused by the global water crisis.  We apply our engineering expertise, international development experience, and faith in God to help the world’s most vulnerable communities establish, own, and operate community-wide safe water systems. We envision a world where every child, woman, and man is free to flourish in relationship with God and each other.

Safe Water Transforms Lives

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have seen so much suffering because we don’t have water that we can drink. Some people get a very little bit of water, but only every two weeks. And that is never enough. So we drink water from anywhere we can find it, even when we can see it is full of mud and we know it is contaminated with bacteria.

But now, finally, after so much work, we are about to achieve our dreams! Many people in the community are volunteering their time to help create the system that will bring water to our community—from more than 3 kilometers away!”

– Victoria, Guatemala

Really big things can happen

when clean water reaches a community that has never had access to it. New jobs are created, young women can stay in school, and children are healthy. Everyone thrives! We work with the local community to set up sustainable clean water and health and hygiene programs. When our purification systems are installed, the locals have complete ownership. We aren’t serving weak, helpless people, we are working alongside strong, intelligent brothers and sisters. You see, we don’t give free aid, we give the tools and resources needed to empower a community: body, mind and soul. Clean water changes bodies. Education changes minds. Living Water changes souls.

Join the Saturate Community

What do you saturate your life with? For many of us it’s social media, or staying busy, or climbing the corporate ladder. It’s so easy to become consumed by these things, truly letting them saturate the core of who we are. We often forget about the millions of other people who also populate our world. What if we saturated our lives and the lives of others with meaning, purpose, and joy through monthly giving?

Access to safe drinking water really does change lives. Children can attend school, dignity is restored to women and communities are strengthened. “No other single intervention is more likely to have a significant impact on global poverty than the provision of safe water.” (United Nations University & the International Network on Water, Environment & Health)

For as little as $25 a month, you can impact lives with the gift of safe water. Won’t you join today?


This isn’t charity. It’s our privilege to serve others.

Little girl smiling with water jugs


Protecting the vulnerable through safe water.


Handwashing & more to protect the vulnerable

Water to thrive.

For the millions who need it. Help us reach 1,000 communities and 1,000,000 people.
Yes, together it is possible! Join the clean water initiative with us today!