Meet Sam

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I was 14 years old when I was first introduced to the havoc that water borne illness can cause. I had just finished playing soccer in a town outside of Rio de Janeiro and asked my Brazilian friend for a drink of water. Little did I know a standard human interaction like sharing a drink of water would leave me bedridden for the next three days. That experience has given me a small glimpse of what millions of people around the world go through every single day because they lack access to affordable clean water. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to join the Healing Waters Team as a Development Associate and use my experience to help end the global water crisis.

Like most people, I’ve realized that life is so much more rewarding when I enjoy the journey instead of only focusing on the destination. I’ve seen some amazing places on a map and most rewardingly; God has breathed life into me through the people that I’ve shared my journey with.

My journey includes stops in Southern Brazil and Washington, D.C. While living in the city of Curitiba, I worked for a nonprofit that connected soccer fans with various social projects. I had the joy of seeing people give their time and resources to provide safer opportunities for Brazilian children to enjoy sports with their friends. I then landed in DC where I worked in marketing for a lecture agency as well as a young startup. I gained valuable experience in learning how people connect with different causes, brands, and ideologies.

The commitment to long term, sustainable clean water solutions is what impresses me most about Healing Waters. The sign hanging in the office that reads “Healing Waters prefers to serve 1,000 people for 10 years instead of 10,000 people for 1 year and fail” aligns directly with how I believe organizations should serve those in need. I can’t wait to meet our partners in our staffed countries and have their stories bring joy to my journey.

Now how did I land in Denver working for Healing Waters? I learned that connecting people with opportunities to change the world is exactly where I belong. Healing Waters is the perfect fit for me because I get to help tell the stories of our partners in the field with those that are here at home. As a member of the Marketing and Development Team, I’m blessed to be able to introduce people to how they can play an integral part in ending the global water crisis.