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You are fully equipped to end the global water crisis and we’re here to help. Start a campaign below to get your friends and family involved, share about the need for clean water on your social media, pray for our brothers and sisters in the developing world. There are so many ways you can be involved!


Clean water means education for students.

443 million days of school are lost every year because of water-related diseases.

Dirty water is causing children all over the world to miss out on the education they deserve. Whether at home sick due to water-borne illnesses or traveling far distances to collect unsafe water, kids are missing out on vital time in the classroom. This fall join us as we help children trade in water jugs for backpacks.

In many countries, children are responsible for collecting water. This often requires them to walk for hours each day, leaving little time for other activities, including school. They fall behind while their peers advance, because they have no choice but to collect water for their families. On top of that, the water they collect is often untreated and can cause severe illness, keeping kids at home rather than in the classroom.

With your help, we are able to create access to clean water that reduces time spent collecting water and increases students’ opportunities to attend school! Click the button below and start your own campaign today!


We could not be more thrilled about the response we have gotten from passionate teachers and students wanting to make a difference. If you are a teacher, principle, youth leader, or someone who just believes in the power of clean water and education, contact Brooke at to get more information about how your students can help others around the world trade water jugs for backpacks!

Help students trade water jugs for backpacks!


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